Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A CW story by Mac

The Forbidden Apple Pie

One upon a time, it was opening night at a brand new restaurant called, The Garden of Eden. Inside, the workers Adam and Eve, were bustling around hurrying to get all the decorations, and tables all set up before six.
“Eve, where's ARE those silver forks!”
“I don't know! I thought it was YOUR job to set those out!”
“It is! That's why I'm asking where you put them!”
In the midst of Adam and Eve's squabbling, their boss, Guy, walks in.
“Will you two PLEASE stop your bickering! This place is not nearly as ready as I want it to be!” He beckoned for them to follow him to the kitchen, but sadly had to yet again yell for their attention.
“Now look, the governor is attending the party, and he has requested a special Apple Pie. Please do not eat ANY of it. It has some secret ingredients in it, and I just know that you two will go off and blab about it. OK?”
Adam and Eve exchanged a look and decided it was best to listen to Guy for once.
“Alright, but we do get some crème brulee right?” Asked Adam.
Guy hesitated, but quickly agreed. He then told them to get back to work. Adam and Eve bustled about the restaurant, excited about opening night. Finally when the clock struck six, Adam and Eve opened the doors to the restaurant, nearly knocking themselves down with the whoosh of people going by. After the mob had settled, they led the governor to his prepared seat. Eve asked what he would like and he said,
“Roasted chicken, and an apple pie for dessert. Oh and yes, mother always insists on some greens now and then, so add a salad as well.”
Eve smiled, and walked back into the kitchen to deliver his order to the cook. She stopped momentarily to get some water for table nine, when all of a sudden she heard a small voice say, “Eat the apple pie, hiccup, eat it, hiccup.”
Eve yelped, wondering who had read her mind. She called out,
“Who's there?” Eve looked around the kitchen. The only still-living thing was Guppy, Guy's fish. She stared at the fish for a moment, nearly screaming when it commented,
“Uh, hello there.”
Eve stared in bewilderment at the talking-hiccuping fish! It pursed its lips and repeated,
“Are you daft or something? Hiccup.”
Eve stammered out a reply,
“Look, I uh, I better um, like go, um yeah.” The fish rolled its eyes and said in a extremely nasal voice,
“Here, I'll make it simple for ya beauty queen, YOU WANT THE APPLE PIE. I can hear your thoughts, and by the looks of it, you really-really want to eat it, so eat it. You know you want to.” With last sentence, the fish chimed a sing-song melody too, and bobbed its head to and fro.”
“But, Guy said that we're can't eat any, it's for the governor.” Eve said.
Again the fish rolled its bulging eyes, and said, “Who cares! Life's too short to waste good apple pie on guys that still live with their mothers!”
Eve pondered this and finally said, “You know what, I think your right!” Eve walked over to the fridge and extracted the beautiful apple pie that she had been craving all day. She took out a knife and cut herself a generous piece of the pie, then took a fork out and dug in. Just then Adam walked in and saw her eating and exclaimed, “Eve! We're not supposed to have any of that!”
“Adam, come on, its REALLY good. You would love it!”
Adam's eyes darted to the pie and back to her face several times. He then gingerly walked forward and took a bite of the pie and said, “Oh my gosh! This is amazing!”
They happily finished two more pieces before they heard Guy outside in the hall talking,
“One moment governor, I'll be right out with your pie.”
The door swung open, revealing Adam and Eve each holding a plate of pie, with crumb-covered mouths, they both moaned in muffled unison, “Mwuh-Mwoh...”
Guy nearly had a heart-attack, his whole body started shaking, and he had an extremely hard time controlling himself.
“I told both of you not to eat that PIE! You've ruined us, now the restaurant will never be a success. As soon as your shifts are done, you get the wonderful honor of cleaning the bathrooms floors with a toothbrush!”
Guy left the room sobbing, wondering why he always got the idiots for workers. All the while Adam and Eve contemplated their punishment, and decided it was worth it.

Wordless Wednesday... mixing business with pleasure?