Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bath bombs & lip goo

Day two of our bath & body chemistry experimentation. We started with some bath bombs. We used some Mayan Gold as our scent.  They should be ready to use by tomorrow.

Then we moved on to the lip goo... I think we will have enough lip balm to last us for a while.

Off to watch Ashes to Ashes... Everyone needs a little Gene Genie in their life!

Friday, May 14, 2010

All done...

We're pretty much finished with school till mid July. Since Mac is off to high school in August, she has an even longer break from formal studies, but she will be busy with camp (as an assistant in jewelry & drama) and with her reading. 

After a two week-long Spruill Center marathon (classes & open studios) we spent a mellow day re-batching some soap...

 beading... (learning right angle weave) 

And making some very yummy pizza! Thanks to "P" we have found a new GF flour that is wonderful. It's called Mama's Almond Mix Blend. I even got her cookbook, despite all the Biblical stuff, but who cares, when the dough is pretty darn close to the real thing; well at least as close as we've found over the last six years. 

I can tell you, not a slice was left!