Friday, August 31, 2007

We are almost ready to move on from Ancient Egypt but not before we finish, who knows how many history pockets, and a few other odds and ends. One of which the girls finished tonight, their Cartouches.

We are off to the High Museum of Art this weekend, to catch the Annie Leibovitz showing as well as some of the touring collections from the Louvre. I wonder if I can get A to take a side trip on the way home? It's only a few blocks north - Just think, Billy Bookcases everywhere!!! Oh, but a girl can dream.

Here I stand looking out at the audience, glowing lights above my head. The scarlet drapes surround me, the background engulfs me. Sweat upon my brow from the lights, makeup dripping from my face. My costume is extravagant. I say my line with emotion and feeling. The wooden floors creek as I move. Here I stand on my stage.

by Mac

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

photos over time...

School or the pool?

Long day.. maybe too much Latin, or was it the French, Spanish... no the German! Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better, I just know it. I know, we will go to the pool!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

We started our fall school schedule last week. This year's line up is a heavy one with double history, Ancients and Medieval, via SL readers and the History Odyssey. We just finished up our studies on Mesopotamia this week and here is Queen Fi in her gold crown. Who would even think a kid would get so excited about a gold paper crown. Ah, the joys of a hot glue gun and a smile.
Now if I can only get them this excited about all their studies!

On one of my HS billboards a fellow home educator asked for pictures of feet, happy women’s feet. The idea was - you rarely see feet unless one is playing. I like this idea, that instead of tired overworked feet, we could look at our feet as being happy, bringing us joy. So I took a pix at one of our favorite spots to play, especially in this record heat, the pool! Just a mom and her girls and some very happy feet.

Moving over to blogger?

Over the last two years I have had a few blog like experiments in a number of places, Yahoo 360, MySpace, and a home page. I would like to have found one spot but sadly the blog is frustrating at best, so I think I will leave that for family photos and iMovies, and I'm moving all the boring bits of my brain and school like happenings to this blog. We will see how it goes.

I am by Mac.

I am an Actress, a Writer.

I wonder what fame is like.

I hear songs at night.

I see black and white vines, entwined on my walls.

I want a theater all to myself, even more than my own mall.

I am an Actress, a Writer

I pretend there are creatures in my room at night.

I feel relaxed when I see a book at mere sight.

I touch soft raindrops from the sky.

I worry about things I shouldn't.

I cry when I am hurt.

I am an Actress, a Writer.

I understand too much to say.

I say, “Life is nothing without a little drama.”

I dream of other worlds.

I try to exceed expectations.

I hope, to be good at whatever I do.

I am an Actress, a Writer.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

How to study botany during a drought...

Well, we finished our study of botany this week. Mother nature was not going to change her plans and send rain. Most all of Fi's plants dried up and died. We did have a few successes, the rosemary loved this hot dry weather and is as big as a small tree. The hot peppers and okra also bared fruit. We were able to see clearly the effects of cycles in nature and what a 100 years drought can do to the eco-system. Both girls are happy to be moving on to the next area of study, Earth Science. We are using My World Science and Living Learning Bks for Fi and Prentice Hall and CyberEd for Mac.