Saturday, April 4, 2009

The art show!

We went to the girl's art show opening. They are becoming old hands at having their work on exhibit. I love to see the kid's work, and not just my kids. They are all so talented.

Mac's Jewelry is in this case. She made the star burst pendent with the purple stone, the copper crazy chain, and the small copper box towards the front.

Then these last few are the works of Fi. Her cardboard people, clay works, and her fairies. She loves to create.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A rainy Thursday song...

The Upper Peninsula by Sufjan Stevens

I live in America with a pair of Payless shoes
The upper peninsula and the television news
And I've seen my wife at the K-Mart
In strange ideas we live apart

I live in a trailer home with a snow mobile, my car
The window is broken out and the interstate is far
I drove all night to find my child
In strange ideas he's been revived

In strange ideas, in stranger times
I've no idea what's right sometimes
I lost my mind, I lost my life
I lost my job, I lost my wife