Saturday, August 25, 2007

I am by Mac.

I am an Actress, a Writer.

I wonder what fame is like.

I hear songs at night.

I see black and white vines, entwined on my walls.

I want a theater all to myself, even more than my own mall.

I am an Actress, a Writer

I pretend there are creatures in my room at night.

I feel relaxed when I see a book at mere sight.

I touch soft raindrops from the sky.

I worry about things I shouldn't.

I cry when I am hurt.

I am an Actress, a Writer.

I understand too much to say.

I say, “Life is nothing without a little drama.”

I dream of other worlds.

I try to exceed expectations.

I hope, to be good at whatever I do.

I am an Actress, a Writer.

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