Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's on your desk?

I was tagged my Mama Peep

What's on your desk?

RULES: You can tell a lot about a person by the state of their desk and what they keep on it. So, share what's on your desk. You can take pictures, take an inventory, or do both. Don't have a desk? That's okay, just give us a glimpse into the space where you pay bills, write letters, grade papers, study, or work on the computer.

When you've finished your photos or inventory, post it on your blog and tag five more people to do the same. Don't forget to share the rules with those you tag and ask them to share their posts with you when they are done.

My Desk has books for Mac's reading for 7th, cd's, bills, maps, to-do lists, photo paper, copier, sharpies, and I think the kitchen sink! All is tied together with my little macbk, which I love.

I'm not sure who to tag, so instead, if you read this... your it :-)


thislittlepiggy said...

Hi! Just joined the Imperfect Homeschoolers Ring. Making my rounds and seeing who else feels that way too! Nice blog!

Lorna said...

Hey, we 'well-trained-minders' are famous and on your screen! I love seeing your desk although I am screwing my eyes up enjoying working out all the titles of the books on your desk. I hope you are feeling well again and enjoying the world of the living, walking, talking types.