Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gecko in cooper and silver

Our last project for spring quarter was a cuff bracelet. I made one in honor of our geckos (Fatima, Zaphire, and Sabra). It's a bit too gothic for me, almost Wonder Woman meets the Afghan hills. But it was fun, silly, and labor intensive (lots of sanding due to fire scale). I wonder what the summer quarter will bring?


*Ü* Lisawa said...

You made that? Wow lady! You have talent. So you are teaching this to your peeps?

Now different question... is that a tan you are sporting??!! Not at all fair if you ask me... we are rusting here in Washington! lol

Mama Peep said...

That is really cool! I like!

And I don't mean to respond to Lisa on your blog but she really means we are frosty rust out here....and yes, by now, I would totally be tanned. Totally not fair!

Great work lady!!!

sleepy jeanne said...

Make sure you wear that thing if you're ever going downtown... you never know when you may need to fend off a stray bullet ;-).

Mamagistra said...

Ooh! I lovelovelove it... covetcovetcovet! :D


Tina said...

Wow that is very neat!

Tan? What's a tan?