Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nothing like pancakes for dinner!

Fi has been busy making all sorts of creations in her hand building class. Not only did she make us pancakes and eggs, but also a myriad of creatures and vessels for our enjoyment.

Well done young artist...


Heather said...

Looks yummy! Beautiful girls Jenny!


Lorna said...

It tok me a while to realise that dinner was made of china. I love the sunflower too, it reminds me of one of your jewellery pieces.
I agree with Heather, you are the most beautiful family :-)

Paula said...

Echo the beautiful sentiment. :)I love those pieces, now I'm hungry for pancakes.

MOM #1 said...

Those are so nice.

I love creative types.

I have some really pretty pictures of a sculpture my niece did, but it's stuck on a memory card waiting for a way out, LOL.

You daughter is beautiful.