Sunday, September 13, 2009

CCYP at The Cobb Energy Center...

Mac and some of her CCYP cohorts performed at the Cobb Energy Center this morning. They were showcased along with a number of other Atlanta area performing arts companies, like the Atlanta Ballet, The Center for Puppetry Arts, and the Ferst Center at GA Tech.

The first group to go on was this amazing modern dance group. They are called Full Radius Dance. Fi and I were blow away by how powerful they were. Here is their web site if interesed.

Then it was time for our troop to go on. They did a couple numbers from past shows, and last but-not-least, a number from Bye Bye Birdie. Mac has never done a musical before, so this is a whole new world for her. For the first time in a while she has a none speaking role; all she does dance and sing. Sore feet and tired vocal cords rule the house right now. They looked great, and the show should be a smash come November.

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