Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As I come to the end of another "school" year, I'm amazed at how much Mac has grown-up. Something has changed; my little girl is not little anymore. I'm busy gathering our curriculum for the fall with high school breathing down my neck. She wants to go... do I let her? Fi is in her own world, growing fast too, but thankfully still lost in little girl things, her animals, nature, rocks, and now bks. She loves to read and is reading me out of house and home. Planning for her is so much easier, yet I love the challenge that teaching Mac brings as we move away from the basics towards the grey, the more abstract. I still have at least one good year before I will need to decide. I just wish I had more time.

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Lorna said...

Fabulous photo, what a gorgeous young lady with spirit!
Our dd has grown so much this past year too. It is bizarre to look at photos of her at the beginning of last summer. I am so proud of the intelligent and beautiful woman she is becoming. I am terrified I let her down.
I don't know. All I can say is that it had better be a pretty amazing school to do what you do for her!
At least we still have our babies!