Friday, April 18, 2008

Not fine but fun art Friday

Lisa asked me to post some more of my silver and copper project. I firmly believe you are never to old to learn a new trade, take up a new hobby, or find joy in just trying something you never thought you would.


Lisa said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing a pic of them. I especially like the pieces with the bezel set stones.

Ah, brings me back to the good old college days of cutting, soldering, and polishing copper, brass, and nickel silver...I haven't worked with metals in ages!

Lorna said...

These are beautiful. I think you were born into the wrong century.
The only copper I have worked with is plumbing in a sink!
Very inspiring!

The Von Kekel Gang said...

Even your photo of these is beautiful! Hope you can keep the class going-- it is something GOOD for you.

Anonymous said...

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SKELLER said...

Lovely jewelry :-)