Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I give up!

We went to see the Georgia Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker today. All I can say is... at least none of the dancers fell. Yes, it was that bad. I'm over it. I give up. I might as well stay home and watch reruns of that vapid show American Idol.


audrey said...

"at least no one fell..."

Ouch! That must have been really bad.

Lorna said...

Yikes! My favourite 'get me out of here' show was one of 'Wuthering Heights' at the Edinburgh Festival. It had sheets over chairs representing the moors and one person did fall over - twice.
Or was it the play we went to on the abolition of slavery. The lead actor happened to be the director too. He forgot his lines and refused to continue the entire play. His fellow actors (who were superb by-the-way)looked disgusted. That was a bad atmosphere. He ordered us, the audience, to leave!

Mama Peep said...

I am so sorry the show was that bad!!! I remember feeling the same way a few times over there. Keep your chin up!