Saturday, April 4, 2009

The art show!

We went to the girl's art show opening. They are becoming old hands at having their work on exhibit. I love to see the kid's work, and not just my kids. They are all so talented.

Mac's Jewelry is in this case. She made the star burst pendent with the purple stone, the copper crazy chain, and the small copper box towards the front.

Then these last few are the works of Fi. Her cardboard people, clay works, and her fairies. She loves to create.


TheRockerMom said...

Jenny, your girls are so talented. Wonder where they get that from??? That would have been cool to see.

Ruth in NC said...

Just beautiful jewelry. I love the fairies, too.

We are sadly artistically challenged here.

The Home School Burrow said...

I have to agree with RM! WOW!! They are VERY talented!!

Lorna said...

What a beautiful show! It is so much more lively and full of obvious creativity than most of the shows I have ever been to. Fi's work has a freshness and optimism that lights up the room.

Julia Pollard said...

wow, such talent!