Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Notebooks full of women...

Having two daughters has left me with a very large library of music by women, and not top 40 gals like Beyonce or Miley (gag). I have always listened to female artists - from my dad's Janice Joplin LP's to the soft, smooth sounds of Ella Fitzgerald. But, it was made very clear to me by my oldest, at the age of three, that all we could listen to in the car was music by women - so the hunt was on! I'm gonna skip most all the modern decades, and jump to the 00's, or even the teens, since most of you reading this are old enough that we don't need to review the last 70's years in women's music. Will we be calling the 20's the twenties again? So here are a few lesser-known artists that are on heavy rotation at the house, other than say Fiona Apple, Cat Power or Ani Difranco.

Ane Brun is from Norway (look for the pattern here). She's been around for about ten years, but my oldest just discovered her about a year ago.

Next is First Aid Kit. Swedish sister duo with already two lps under their belt.
Canadian singer Austra.
Another sister duo. CocoRosie

Little Dragon. Not a female artist, but a whole band, with the traditional female lead, but what a lead! She's awesome, so I will bend the post rules just a bit.
Thao & Mirah.
Thao on her own is not bad either.

I'll stop there, since I could go on and on... So much music and so little time!

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