Friday, November 23, 2007

This will never be me... After working for about 10 years in retail book selling biz; I hate Black Friday. In fact, I rather dislike the next four weeks of long lines and meaningless sales. I usually try to be done with my holiday shopping before Thanksgiving but this year I'm not even close to starting. So, I too will brave the long lines, wait in parking lots filled with insane shoppers, and try to enjoy the holiday spirit but I will wait till tomorrow.

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LisaWA said...

Love the top one! Is that at a local church?

The bottom one... I am thankful to say I have never experianced that rush or long line. I refuse to stay in line like that.... I go out and shop... but will go to a store less crowded. A Khols just opened up here in our area and every clerk had about 50-70 people in line. I went back at 6:00 that night and didnt stand in line once... LOL it was a good day.

Happy WW.