Thursday, November 8, 2007

Touch the Earth with Native Peoples

The girls and I got a real treat today, to go back in time if just for bit, to learn from Native Americans about their history and culture. The group is called Touch the Earth with Native Peoples. They travel all over the U.S. educating children about the first Americans. The group shared traditional dances from a number of tribes throughout the U.S., demonstrations on falconry, hunting, the use of animals (horse and buffalo), storytelling, as well as listening to the languages of the Lakota, Comanche, Cherokee, and Creek. It was a pleasure to share, what for me has been a life long attraction to the cultures of the native peoples of the Americas. We are lucky to have some quiet reminders that we live in a once rich Cherokee nation. That the river near my home was the life line for this amazing tribe. I hope to continue to provide opportunities for the girls to learn more about this nation's rich past and of the people who walked the very ground we now call our home.
Here is a link to their page if you are interested.

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