Friday, January 18, 2008

Fine Art Friday

Friends of ours have been studying the famous German artist Kathe’ Kollwitz. Here is a bio of her and her works.

I found this piece, called Woman and Death, to be so haunting yet very powerful for me. A struggle between life and death, new and old, to fight or to give up... you decide.


Mama Peep said...

Thank you for sharing! You always have something new to teach me.

And as for your question.....fight...always fight. Giving up is no fun at all. :-)

off to read the artist's bio

Lisa said...

Yes, Kathe’ Kollwitz is a favorite of mine. Her pictures speak volumes and touch the heart very deeply. She truly was an artist who was a reflection of the turbulent world of humanity around her.

Thanks for sharing the link.