Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Teddy Roosevelt and a bear?

We went to another great show at the Cobb Energy Center today. It was Mark Russell's Teddy Roosevelt and the Treasure of Ursa Major. The girls had a blast with this musical play that is a little School House Rock and a lot slapstick. Here is the Kennedy Center's blurb below with PDF link for more fun if you are interested. I highly recommend it if the show comes through your area.

((Ever wonder what it's like for kids who've lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? In this special project with the White House Historical Association, the Kennedy Center stages an exciting new musical inspired by President Theodore Roosevelt and his family! In 1905, young Kermit, Ethel, and Archie Roosevelt stumble upon a real-life treasure map hidden in their library's copy of Treasure Island. Following clue after clue, the threesome untangles a decades-old mystery that leads them all over the White House, from the Red Room to the President's Office. But will their father's loyal valet or the new English governess foil their quest? This clever and comical production features songs by Washington satirist Mark Russell, whose PBS specials have led TV Guide to call him "the funniest man on television."))

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