Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Playing with texture and light

I never used to like the smell of metal. Counting change was always a chore followed by vigorous hand washing. But, something has changed; I no longer mind the smell. I find the feel of the metal, the smell, somehow comforting. It's solid, not fragile like so much in my life. I'm beginning to understand how it melts and moves with the pressure of my hammer or the squeeze of the rolling mill. I like that it is forgiving to my ineptness, patient to my learning curve.


sleepy jeanne said...

Wow, really cool work!

SKELLER said...

beautiful!! I love the lizard. I hope one day to have a big one like this to hang somewhere on the front of our house :-)

The Von Kekel Gang said...

the Gecko is AWESOME! And I'm sure I know who will want to claim that one.